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Kings of War Custom Magic Card Supplement


Post by Bill

So, we’ve been playing a majority of Kings of War around here (When we’re actually gaming that is, life is a tad busy at the moment!), but one thing at always bugged me in Kings of War was remembering that I took magic items to use with a unit/character.  When I started playing tabletop games, there was a supplement that was probably overkill for the time, but there was one thing I loved about it, and that was the Warhammer Magic supplement.

Image courtesy of, property ultimately belongs to Games Workshop ltd.

Image courtesy of, property ultimately belongs to Games Workshop ltd.

This supplement was pretty great, it offered all of the spells on cards for each lore, as well as magic item cards that could quickly be referenced and left on the table.  So this led me to thinking that I should make something like this for Kings of War, but, I’m terrible at doing any sort of design work, so I had my friend Rich (from design them and he recently completed them so I put them together!

Printed Sheets

Printed Sheets

He designed them for 11×17 sheets of paper, I happen to work a place that gives me access to a couple of pretty high end printers.  They are nice to have handy for stuff like this!


Ultrapro Sleeves


How to make them feel like ‘real’ cards.

So using an exacto knife, I cut all of these cards out and intended to put them into sleeves, I’ve done this for numerous card projects over the years, but there was kind of an ‘a-ha’ moment recently when playing 40k with some friends.  Do you know what the best use for dead CCG’s is? I do, they make amazing backing for your own cards for other games you’re actually playing!  The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, just to happen to be perfect for this (ssh, don’t tell anyone).


How a single card looks finished

Putting all of these parts together feels great, makes each item feel like a worth accessory to a game, in my opinion.  I’m super happy with how each item turned out and I’m probably going to make two sets of these as each army can have one of each item.


Couple of finished examples


Complete set of 57 Magic items for Kings of War

Rich and I intend to release these out on the internet assuming Mantic is OK with this.  We’d love to see other Kings of War players using these with their games and further push the idea that gaming is what you make it. I’ve sent them some requests and am awaiting an answer.  Given Mantic’s track record with the community of gamers, I expect they will not have a problem with letting us release this for the Kings of War community.

Painting Timelapse of Kings Of War Ogres


Post by Bill

So I’ve been nearing completion on my Ogre army, this is something I’ve never fully accomplished and it’s exciting to be in the home stretch on this project. Here’s a timelapse video I made of me painting 6 Ogre Shooters.

Gen Con 2014 – Photos


Post by Bill

So another year and another trip to Indianapolis for Gen Con. This year was kind of late and unplanned on my part, so it was exciting to get to go after not planning on it all year. In any event, here’s a gallery of images of miniatures and terrain that I liked.