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Secret Weapon Flight Stand Widget Review


Post by Bill

Secret Weapon Miniatures is a company that I found out about when I started looking into Weathering Pigments, what I didn’t realize is how big of a selection of resin items that create and sell. I had previously built my vendetta’s with the standard GW flight stand and added magnets thinking that would be a swell idea rather than realizing they would be fine without the magnets. The downside was that I glued the stand to the socket piece and ruined the whole thing essentially…not my brightest moment in model building over the years.


So I came across this kit from Secret Weapon called the “Flight Stand Widget“.  I used this kit to replace all 3 of my Vendetta’s Flight Stands.

Acrylic Rods

The kit comes with one socket piece (widget) and a 5 inch acrylic rod.  They have a 2 inch option too.


All of the widgets are cast resin and the casting quality is as good as any other resin cast miniature I’ve purchased, the details are nice and they fit right in with GW’s Vendetta/Valkryie Kit.

Widget Attached to Vendetta

So after remove the old flight stand, I took each oval flight base and drilled a hole in them with a dremel to feed the rod through for additional stability.

Oval base + Acrylic Rod assembled

Replacing each stand took me about 15 minutes, it’d probably be faster if I wasn’t removing old glue / broken parts!

Vendetta attached with new Secret Weapon Flight Stand Widget!

Each kit was only $5 and I really thing it’s a great value, if I had one complaint about this kit is what’s shown in the last picture, on one of the 3 kits, the rod seemed slight smaller than the socket on the widget itself.  The other two were snug fits, but this one wasn’t.  Not too big of a deal, a little green stuff will fix that issue up.  All in all, I recommend this kit as an alternative to any flyer that doesn’t have a good stand OR no stand at all, I’m looking at you Forgeworld!

Review of Spectrum Paint Rack


Post by Bill

So this is something that I have been dwelling on for a longtime. I had a huge pile of paints that collected on my desk, it has been this way for a long time. Leaving them on a desk was an upgrade from putting them all in a shoebox, forgetting where I put it, then finding out GW paint caps were garbage and my paint dried out. So I looked at tons of different brands of paint rack before coming to the conclusion on which one to get so this is not totally a review since it’s the one I wanted most and I have never actually had another paint rack unless my desk corner counts for that!

Package Arrives

I’ve moved a lot of paints over to dropper bottles as I’ve had less issues with longevity compared to flip top style bottles. I even went so far as to move the remaining GW paints I had over to dropper bottles to help keep those paints ready for use.

All of the pieces

Now onto this paint rack. It shipped quickly as I ordered it directly from it’s maker, It’s nice to know that these guys are a small manufacturer and make a quality product. I was impressed with the quality of the parts, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get some flimsy plastic that would bow over time with the weight of the paint bottles on it, but it’s construction accounts for that.

Being Assembled

The whole thing was glued together with regular super glue and went together quickly, they even included instructions showing the appropriate sections of each piece to apply glue to, in case it wasn’t obvious.

Fully Assembled

Once everything was togehter, taking all of 15 minutes, mostly waiting for glue to dry, I was able to finally organize my paint. The biggest downside to this paint rack, for me, was that it only holds 60 bottles. I have a few more than 60 bottles, but this isn’t really an issue with their product at all, more of a space limitation on my current desk. This fits into the corner of my desk perfectly as is, so I was willing to deal with the limited paint slots.

Overflowing with Paints

The biggest benefit is being able to see each color without having to pick up each bottle, I know this isn’t exactly a huge issue for some people, but it drove me crazy looking for a color, and I was at the point where I’d often mix the color myself assuming I had forgotten to buy a specific color. Now everything is front and center and easy to reach while painting. Mekanika Studio has put together a fantastic product, and if I ever adjust my desk setup, I can easily see buying some of the other pieces to this paint rack. The price is right and the product is for sure worth it.

Painting Mantic Gargoyles


Post by Bill

Here’s a video I put together while painting some Mantic Gargoyles for my Abyssal Dwarf army.