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A Brief History of My Wargaming Background


Post by Bill

So when we decided that our weekly board game group would be attempting Warmachine, it was a big change.  My personal background is in wargaming, once upon a time I played Necromuda, Mordhiem, and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, all of which have since gone dorment.  Warmachine was something that I had seen early on in it’s lifetime at gencon (before it moved to Indy…) and was really drawn to the figures, but that’s about it.  After the game began to mature, a friend and myself decided to play it, and we played it weekly for about a year, he played Menoth, I played and still play Khador.  The two of us finally convinced some others (years later) that we should try this game out.  Our game group is now 5 strong with the majority being Hordes players, we’ve been playing regularly since July/August this year.

Generally speaking, I’ve been the only one in the past to create any of the terrain used for any of these games and it’s been, when I get some time to create something I will.  This left many projects half completed or in a state of ‘close enough’.  Lately, I’ve had two of the other games in our group ready, willing, and able to help create terrain along with me.  This has vastly changed our quality of terrain and quantity all at once.

The purpose of this blog is going to be to log all of the events surrounding our terrain creations.  I’ve been trying to keep track of these things in picture form, albiet not the best job, but it’s there.  I’m hoping that I can help draw up some rough tutorials to help people see how enjoyable it is and how much of a difference it makes for a game like this.  I’ve played all to many games in my past with little to no terrain making for many stale games.  It’s amazing to see how much of a difference a couple of hills and trees make in a game like Warmachine.

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