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The White Board


Post by Bill

After making The Green Board we wanted to use the remaining 4ft x 4ft section and decided to make a snow board since. Our justification, we had the supplies laying around AND I play Khador and another person plays Legion of Everblight, two factions from the North. So here’s the list of supplies used to make this board;

  • Required
    • 3/4″ Polystyrene sheets (8’x4′ sheet runs about $12-$14)
    • A razor blade or cutting instrument
    • White Paint (any should do, just not off white
    • Flock (we used Woodland Scenic’s Snow)
    • White Glue (Elmer’s was used in this case $1.50 per large bottle we used roughly 2.5 bottles)
  • Optional
    • Sand Paper, we rough sanded the edges of our board to ensure that it more or less square
    • Flock**

**There are plenty of methods for flocking, in this case we did it based on convenience. All things considered, I’d rather go with something that is tried and tested (Woodland Scenics being a company that’s been around in the model train industry for many years)

This board went together much faster having done all of the steps from the green board with the following exceptions;

  • We painted the board white
  • We used a paintbrush to even the glue out
  • We used Woodland Scenics Snow flock and didn’t have a need to mix colors together
Laying down a basecoat

Laying down a basecoat



Final Result is a picture of white paint with white flock on top! Exciting, isn’t it?

Finished Product

Finished Product

So really this board was not difficult to make at all, but the reason I’m posting about this is to set you up for the terrain we’ve made and are currently making for this board. I’m hoping to mix both current projects and past projects into this blog. We’ve created many things and are planning to create even more as time goes on.

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