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So there are a bunch of games that we play, both video games and board games. Some of these games are much further beyond either of those and they are miniature games played across a large table. The latest game we have been playing is Necromunda, a sci-fi based gang war based game from Games Workshop. The games system is progressive, similar to a Role Playing Game, in the sense that each game has consequences and effects on each member of your gang. Each time we get together to play this game our gang’s grow and diminish in size. There are events and conditions that effect the individual matches that are fought when we get together and in the end we are vying for the same goal, to be the most powerful gang in the end. I’m hoping to bring pictures and a bit of an overview each time we get together to give you an idea of what this game is and how it works from week to week and how each of our gangs are doing.

As mentioned, this game is played on a rather large board, in our case a 4ft x 4ft board. This board is similar to a “map” or “level” in a video game, everything is contained with in and you fight on this small terrain scape that is setup.

Modular Structures

Modular Structures

One of the big appeals of this game over the others is the verticality that is brought to the game from it’s terrain. We have both pre-made and custom made ‘terrain’ that has been created for use with this game. Look forward to future articles that will detail the creation of terrain for the various games. You can also look forward to various campaign updates as this progresses. We just had our 3rd meeting for the current campaign and things are going pretty well thus far.

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