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Warmachine: Introduction


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One of the games that we frequently play is Warmachine which is made by Privateer Press. It was later expanded by Hordes, both Hordes and Warmachine are different but compatible with each other. It is a fantasy based miniatures game, which means, we have two opposing armies that collide in a mock battle on a table. This game is very similar to Necromunda in regards to game type. The one major difference is the amount of terrain/scenery that is used during a given game. Warmachine is much more sparsely populated (see image below) and the game scale is much different from Necromunda.

Legion of Everblight vs Trollbloods

Legion of Everblight vs Trollbloods

We have some plans as to how to discuss and show our playing of this game, creating the terrain/scenery, and all other things associated with this hobby. Most people see it as a game that you play, and it is, to me there is a lot more to the hobby that is not playing the game itself that are equally enjoyable. In the near future you will see the painting and modeling aspect of the game, specifically, the part of the hobby that is preparing/building the army as well as painting each model. This is not a requirement to play the game, however, most people that play these games feel that it adds to the game. One of the defining aspects of this hobby, to me, is that there is more than just “we play this game, it starts and finishes”. Warmachine has the added intricacy of creating a new army each time you play, each one plays differently and calls for both a different strategy and a different set of tactics each time it’s played. This creates the “new” feeling each time its played, something I very much enjoy. I also like that this game is far cheaper compared to it’s counterparts, this helps. Look forward to more information, both visual and written in the near future about all the aspects of Warmachine and Hordes.

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