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Necromunda Game Night – 4/5/09


Post by Bill

So we were sans two of our normal players, but we decided to play a couple of games anyway.  Paul wrote up a very neat scenario called “The Hunting Grounds”.  The scenario was essentially, go into the game, kill random beasts and not necessarily each other, to get a trophy prize to take back and brag about.  This ended in all 3 players being destroyed and scratching our heads about how rat’s killed us….yes rats.  The idea behind the scenario was very good but it needs a bit of tweaking.  As for the rest, it was a standard affair of me losing 3 more games, but I did have the best game yet as the very last game of the night.  I was able to take down my fair share in our second group game, but in the end, I still lost out huge.  There was also some initial discussion of the next potential campaign, which would be a Mordheim campaign rather than a necromunda one.  More details to come.


  • Paul – Escher
    • Win/Loss = 4/6
    • Gang Rating = 2373
  • Bill – Enforcers
    • Win/Loss = 1/9
    • Gang Rating = 1627
  • Lars – Spyrers
    • Win/Loss = 7/4
    • Gang Rating = 1679
  • Bob – Van Saar
    • Win/Loss = 2/4
    • Gang Rating = 1810
  • Brian – “The Vatican” Redemptionist
    • Win/Loss = 7/4
    • Gang Rating = 2521
  • Jason – Goliath
    • Win/Loss = 4/1
    • Gang Rating = 1969

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One Response to “Necromunda Game Night – 4/5/09”

  1. Paul says:

    You’re fair share wasn’t enough, we triple teamed Brian and still lost! Mordheim will be a blast, I think we’ll have lots of info up here from the next Mordheim campaign.