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Post by Bill

So today our Game Tables got an upgrade.  With some lumber and about 7 hours of work, we created a new table and some addon’s.  We’ve gone from a folding table to a fully fledged game table with trays on either side.  We’ve also added a tray to both sides of our large gaming table, this has been talked about for some time and we finally got around to it.  Hopefully this will serve a majority of our gaming well!

New Table

New Table

New Table

New Table

New Table

New Table Finished

Big Table

Big Table w/ Mod

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3 Responses to “UPGRADE!”

  1. Richy says:

    Nicely done, will beat the hell out of that small and flimsy fold up card table!

  2. Paul says:

    I dunno, I think it would be a good fight. That card table can take a licking and keep on ticking. I’d be willing to make a wager on the card table! If it boosts, it’ll deal some serious damage to that low armor wood…

  3. Richy says:

    I dunno, the card table is a light gaming surface, and the new table is definitely a heavy gaming surface. Sure, the card table is dodgier, but the new table has so many new features that it would chain attack that flimsy undersized piece of crap into the ground.