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When playing a Sci-Fi Miniatures game, like Necromunda, cover is a very large aspect of the game itself. I’ve always built terrain with that mentality in mind for Necromunda. If you read any of the story behind this game you’ll realize that where these battles take place are essentially a ruined set of buildings that have been filling up with trash for thousands of years, to the point where the Hive City of Necromunda has a foundation of trash. This was all the justification I needed to build Barricades.

Dry Fit Barricades

Dry Fit Barricades

Each barricade was built with two components. The first is pink constuction foam, and in our case, I was using scraps that were laying around from various other projects. Each baricade is roughly 3/4″ square columns that two of the 4 edges are then cut down to a slant. Think concrete construction barriers, same idea.

Primed Barricades

Primed Barricades

After that we added “Granny Grating” or the plastic grid work that’s used in needlework. This stuff is very good looking fencing or grating when painted to resemble metal. We also added a bit of battle damage to each individual barricade to give it a bit more worn/heavily shot up effect.  The overall effect produced is something that adds cover.

Finished Product

Finished Product

The painting process on these were pretty simple. For the Concrete Base it’s Black Basecoat > Dark Grey > Light Grey > White in progressively lighter coats of drybrushing. For the Fencing, it’s Black Basecoat > Boltgun Metal > Bronze/Rust color. The metal and rust colors are applied in random amounts of drybrushing.  As with most of the painting, this is mostly a reccommendation as to how to do it, you could certianly paint them however you see fit.

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4 Responses to “Barricades”

  1. Paul says:

    Some of the best pieces of terrain we’ve ever made, for a couple of reasons:

    Super quick and mass produced
    Functional in many circumstances
    Fits anywhere you need to add cover, and is heavy cover for sure!
    Uses scrap material that would’ve otherwise been thrown away.

    Thats 4 wins in my book!

  2. Bill says:

    I think this is by far the best time we’ve invested into terrain, they are super functional….we should make some more! =)

  3. Paul says:

    This time with more bullet holes.

  4. Richy says:

    I suppose I could have put in more bullet holes than I did…