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Thrift Shopping


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One of the key components to making terrain, to me, is doing it as cheap as possible to get the greatest effect possible.  Of course there are times where I won’t necessarily stand by that based on the quality of a more expensive product, but generally, I use thrift store shopping to augment my terrain building.  One of the better parts of making terrain, especially Sci-Fi futuristic terrain, is that you can pretty much take any household bits of junk and garbage and create something futuristic looking…it’s all about the paint and the construction of it, not so much about what it’s literally made out of.

I usually stop at various thrift stores through out the week, when it’s on my way to this or that, and every once in a while it turns up something great.  Today I managed to find this:

Thrift Shopping can be your friend

Thrift Shopping can be your friend

This cost me a grand total of $7USD which is basically nothing in comparison to what it would take to make a crane by hand…not to mention, I can make my own custom additions to this one to make it that much better.  There is a project just on the horizon that involves Warmachine, Ships, and Cranes.  This crane is basically the last piece that I’ve been looking for in terms of parts.  This, in terms of finding junk at a thrift store, is a win.

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