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Beach Board & Modularity of play surfaces


Post by Bill

Here is the first example of where we are going to start moving towards with our terrain surfaces. This is only the first example, and our test piece if you will, that just so happens to include a beach!

Completed Beach Board

Completed Beach Board

The beach board is made out of 3/4″ polystyrene, base coated brown, flocked with our green/brown flock mix and the beach was painted with a tan color.  The foam was cut at an angle with a hot wire cutter and then roughly sanded with a course sand paper.  There is a chance I might put some sand down on this piece along the beach, but I’m not sure since the sanded/painted effect turned out nicely.

Along this same note, we are planning on making a desert board, we have a bit of desert terrain and are looking to make some more terrain to go along with that in the future, but this leads me to my next point.  We are planning on making all of our boards into 2ft x 4 ft sections, this will allow us a lot more flexibility with how we set up our boards.  We will be making “transition” boards over the next few months, ex green to static grass, snow to static grass, etc.  This will allow us to mix and match the boards and from there be able to mix and match the terrain that was built for a specific themed board.  Think of it as more options, and the more options we have, the better.  There will be more on this subject in the future for sure.

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