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Adepticon 2011 – Warhammer 40k Team Battle


Post by Bill

At Adepticon this year, I was able to meet up with some friends, the same ones that I’ve been playing 40k with over the last few years.  Since 40k is a relatively new game to me, compared to Warhammer Fantasy, I’m still very much a newbie.  This was literally my 4th game so far, I hope to play more this year, but opponents aren’t exactly near by, so my time is limited with this game.

This game was a 3000 Points per team fight with Imperial Guard and Black Templars versus Space Wolves and Eldar.  My list was very troop heavy, and not because it’s effective, but because I enjoy throwing more waves of useless humans at my opponent.  This game was literally me playing the role of meat shield while the Black Templars did some heavy lifting.  In the end, it worked out and we managed a narrow victory, the game was close, and if another turn came up, it could have gone either way.

Thanks to my friend Richy for taking the time to literally take a picture every few minutes throughout the entire game, I ended up with over 150 images from him and I picked out a few good shots, mostly where my team was doing good! =)

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