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Kings of War Project – Abyssal Dwarf’s


Post by Bill

This is something of a new project, I haven’t really started a new project in quite some time, most of what I’ve been working on has been existing armies and painting slowly but surely.  I’ve been following Mantic for quite some time and I finally got an opportunity to pick up some of their figures and have started building an Abyssal Dwarf army for Kings of War and / Chaos Dwarf Army for Warhammer.  I’ve been slowly finding bits and pieces of old Chaos Dwarf units, some new Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Units, and even some Wargames Factory Orcs (they look a bit oriental) and will double as Yellow Bellied orcs for Kings of War and Orc Boyz in Warhammer or possibly Hobgoblins.  Things are slowly coming together, as I progress through this I’ll certainly post more images.  I’ve not stopped the Bretonnian Army as of yet either, I have a few units near completion and will post images as soon as they are completed.

Abyssal Dwarf Black Souls - Partial unit built

Abyssal Dwarf Sorcerer, Half Breed Hero, and Forgeworld Hellsmith

Abyssal Dwarf / Chaos Dwarf Army so far

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