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Battering Ram Build


Post by Bill

As part of the siege that I’ve been building items for, this is another build. The siege tower is built and primed, ready for paint, there will be another article coming soon once I begin painting. The plan is to build all of the items for the siege and then go through painting all of them in one fell swoop.

The Custom Ram head (not totally finished yet)

The Custom Ram head (not totally finished yet) 2
I actually have a bit more green stuffing to do, I just wanted to get it set and ready to dry fit in the battering ram as I was building it. So far, so good, the bitz box has really been paying off as I go through and build things. There are days where I wonder why I have so many bits laying around, and then I am reminded when I’m looking for a random banner, or shield, or something silly, and I have it right at my disposal…it pays off huge when that happens.

Basic Frame of the Battering Ram

Completed Sides

I still have to find a good rope or chain analog to hang the thing, I’m sure I’ll find something, I just haven’t yet. There will be more pictures of the roof and other things as I build it. After this, there is manlets and then painting, almost ready for a full on siege!

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