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Gothic Church (Gothic ‘Astle)


Post by Bill

I’ve had this project for quite some time now and I’ve finally got around to actually finishing it.  The aptly named Gothic ‘Astle is actually a plastic kit from Pegasus Hobbies called the Gothic City Building Small Set #1.  The kit was easy to put together and very well constructed constructed.  The kits they offer are even modular, you could easily combine a few different ones together to create something unique.  On top of that, as with most of Pegasus Hobbies products, it was cheap.

Completed Gothic 'Astle

This piece would stand great on it’s own, I decided to (at the time) use foam core for a base, in hind sight, I’d opt for the hardboard in a heart beat.  I also added a wood floor to the inside.  The paintjob was a simple matter of drybrushing grey’s and adding some basing material to the base.  Overall I’m happy with the project, even if it took me 2 years to complete…I’m not sure why I waited so long.



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