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Kings of War v2 – Playtest and Thoughts


Post by Bill

This would have been a post with a video battle report, but I totally botched shooting it and missed a turn, editing it and skipping stuff made it not very coherent, so it will be written in as a total abortion…sorry.

But, I did get a chance to play with the new Kings of War ruleset and it was Kingdom of Men versus Elves.  I don’t have anything cohesive review, but I do have a few points that I think are note worthy.

  • Warmachines with the new rules of 1d6 needing a 6 to hit and then deal 1dX amount of damage is not good.  It’s impossible to hit anything and do damage.  I had 2 trebuchets fire every turn, 6 turns and 12 shots, and I didn’t do a single point of damage….not very useful at all.  The previous method worked just fine IMO.
  • Elves having elite seem’s like it’s over powered, but I’m going to hold final judgement for a few more games.
  • The rules change to ensure after a combat was over, and pushed apart 1″, that there is no option other than charging back in.  This prevents a unit from surviving and then opening fire instead of getting back into melee combat.  There has been lots of discussion over this on Warseer (you’ve been warned, this is a super long thread).
  • Tripling attacks when engaging a warmachine in melee seems a bit much, but whatever works I guess.
  • Rules are now in booklet form, this is great and way better than printouts, also, $9 is a great price.
  • I would have liked to see more than 1 scenario, but it’s not hard to imagine up some other options really…..
As mentioned in a previous post, we tried a Siege game right before the second edition rules came out, as it stands, I’m going to do another round of this with the new rules and then make adjustments, and then hopefully I’ll start posting up some information on here for you all to test out.  Right now it’s a modified version of the Siegecraft rules that someone posted up on warseer, pretty heavily modified actually…
In any event, If you’re looking for a good ruleset, minor quibbles aside, pick this up, it’s worth it, and Mantic seems to continue to slog through the miniature gaming community, and I’m right behind them on this.

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