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Warhammer Fortress


Post by Bill

I’ve owned this fortress for about 15 years and after all that time, it’s finally completed and painted and ready for use! It’s a pretty neat feeling to finish something that’s been half done for so long.

Top view of the Fortress

Front gate of the Fortress

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3 Responses to “Warhammer Fortress”

  1. Paul says:

    This is awesome. You left out the awesome fact that the doors are magnetized and can be removed and that makes this amazingly amazing rather than just amazing.

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  3. Really good information. My son is about to get his first starter kit from Games workshop which is great, and in store they were amazing, but for a little bit of plastic and a timy amount of paint the cost is quite a lot. GW are really clever to hide the fact that actually if you have some imagination and are prepared to hunt you can come up with some really cool idea without spending a fortune. I have hear though that at offical GW events non GW ‘stuff’ is not allowed.