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A Siege has happened.


Post by Bill

There is a battle report in the works, Overall the Kings of War Siege was a success, even though it will require some more tweaking.  Once the details have been worked out, I’ll publish the additions and fixes we used to make Siege battles in the Kings of War system.  More to come!

Siege Preview 1

Siege Preview 2

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6 Responses to “A Siege has happened.”

  1. johann says:

    So which do you like better? King of War or Song of Blades and Heroes? I saw your post about SBH but you only have one post. KoW has 13. What do you think about comparing the two? I keep reading good things about SBH. Thanks.

    • Bill says:

      Well, I hadn’t really thought about doing a comparison, both games are pretty different in terms of scale, one being army sized and the other warband/skirmish sized. To be honest, my overall plan was to create a campaign in which we used SBH for skirmish battles that would then influence large army battles and sieges. I have been working on a dungeon crawl scenario idea using SBH for Adepticon next year, I’m not sure if it will make it, but ideally we’d get it. The truth is that right now, the guys I play with are more interested in large scale battles and less in skirmish, this usually changes every 6-9 months and we are currently in a Large scale battle swing right now. I know that’s not a real answer, but it’s kinda where I’m at right now. SBH is not off my list, just not being played as much as it was a few months back, I’d expect more in the future.

    • Bill says:

      Yes, that is correct. Kings of War is based on regiments, where you’d have 5-60 guys in a group in Rank and File. SBH is more a 3-15 guys on individual bases in a skirmish fight. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and the style of play varies greatly.

  2. johann says:

    So I understand. SBH is for small skirmish battles (only?) and KoW is larger armies, the I don’t know how you say it, where you have the bunches of units on the one base. Is SBH where you have one mini on one base fighting another mini on another single base? And KoW where you have say three lines on the one base moving together, fighting another group (not one on one)? Thanks.

  3. johann says:

    Thank you for your answers and your site. I do wonder if there’s a way to have both though. I suppose you could always use Kings of War for the regiment level and have other miniatures battle at the skirmish level with Song of Blades and Heroes.

    • Bill says:

      I’m glad you enjoy my site! My grand scheme for a campaign is to do exactly that, when this will happen, I’m not totally sure, but it is always on the back of my mind.