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Kings of War After Action Report


Post by Bill

So, work has been beating me up, from the last post until now, work has been kinda busy for me, so much so that I havent done much gaming wise.  Work has subsided over the last few weeks, but I haven’t gotten back into this.  So without much further adiu, let’s get back into it! =)

Both games were Abyssal Dwarfs versus the Kingdom of Men at 1000 points each.  We are still using the Kings of War version 2 rules as my copy of Kings of War has not arrived yet.  I fully intend to play tons of the next version of Kings of War a bunch because it appears to be the most refined version of this game yet, I’m excited to say the least.

The battle line was massive in this game, two hordes stacked up to plug a choke point on the Human side and the Abyssal Dwarves tried to meet that call.

In this game, the two Abyssal Dwarf warmachines managed to miss every single shot.  The Human trebuchet managed to land 2 big shots on the Abyssal Dwarves…it was not good at all.

As a strange turn of events for the, I actually got a charge off, but decided to go over terrain to do so, which ended up being a bad idea in the long run.

My charge didnt do well and I ended up getting charged back and hit very hard, which at this point had meant my flank was exposed from not winning combat the previous round.

The humans crushed me, leaving nothing left short of a single hero and my warmachines by turn 6, it was a brutal massacre.  We decided to do another round, I figured I couldn’t do that bad a second time around.

The next game had a bit different setup with choke points, which I attempted to take better advantage of to deal with the two hordes on the Human side.

I decided to let him come over the terrain and take the negative effects instead of me doing it this time, this proved to not make a  difference.

My warmachines did manage to hit multiple times this game, slightly making up for how poorly they worked the time before.

I held for a charge and shot as many things as I could on the board, but he was able to quickly crush my right flank (left side of pictures)

His knights were too strong, even taking down one of the units was not enough, the second unit followed through and destroyed my flank and then my center

While an utter defeat twice in a row, I managed to do a few things better, I’m looking forward to the next edition of Kings of War, which I was hoping would be here by now… but soon enough!


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