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Kings of War V3 – First Impressions


Post by Bill

While saying this is my ‘first’ impression isn’t totally true, as I’ve played all of the beta’s they’ve released, it’s true in the sense that this was the first time I was able to play this edition and react to it.  So far, my reaction is positive, I’m sure I’ve alluded to this over the past months/years as I’ve been slowing playing more and more of it.  Right now, it’s totally safe to say that for those who I game with, this is a competent Warhammer Fantasy replacement.  While it may not exactly capture the details and scope that Warhammer has, it did something astounding, we don’t have to argue about rules/faq’s/wordings/errata/etc.  This game is playable, at a large scale, without worry of awkward rule situations arising, and for me, that means a lot.

Messing around with a Fisheye lens I borrowed, pretty neat way to take pictures

We played 2 2000 points team games over the weekend, and one was a massive victory and the other was a very close match. The biggest complaint that came up was there were tons of balance tweaks we glossed over and missed in the first game as we had already begun to memorize some of the beta rules. Aside from those little things (mostly army special rules) the games went well and we all agreed that it was an easy laid back style of game.

Another fisheye shot showing the battlefield

I’m very interested in attempting to play a siege game and campaign, they both interest me and I’m very happy that Mantic chose to include these things in their book. Again, this is by no means a complex set of rules, but I think that’s the best part. I’m going to be able to have grand battles and storied campaigns without the need for a very tedious and complex game only to end up forgetting that there is a campaign happening or a great battle because we devolved into a rules argument.

I can’t wait to do another round of Kings of War.

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