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Kings of War – Abyssal Dwarves WIP


Post by Bill

I’ve been working on more of my Abyssal Dwarf Army as well as some airbrushing techniques.  I’ve been doing a dual prime coat, I’m sure there’s a proper name for this, but I have no idea what it is.  I’ve been taking Vallejo model color and mixing it 50/50 with vallejo thinner so that I can use it in an airbrush.  I could probably use less thinner, but so far, this method has given me great results.  As a side effect, it also makes me feel lazy for not painting the base colors as I usually do.

Half Breeds with a Hull Red and Grey prime coat

Slave Orcs with a Grey and Green prime coat

One thing I’m interested in with these two units is to see if this saves me time doing it this way, my initial impression is that it will, but I’ve yet to finish either of these units, but just comparing this method to my current one, it looks like this will save a load of time per unit.

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