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Kings of War – Abyssal Dwarves WIP


Post by Bill

So I’ve been working at painting some of my Abyssal Dwarves to get a break from painting camo on my Imperial guard, it’s a good change of pace since it’s a whole separate color scheme. With Adepticon coming up soon, the group I’m heading there with is interested in doing a few rounds of Kings of War amongst other things, so I figured I should make an attempt to get some things painted up rather than let them collect dust!

WIP Katsuchan Rocket Launcher

WIP Decimators

WIP Blacksouls

Still lots to be get finished for sure, for this army I’ve been dipping them in Army Painters Strong Tone, and I’ve been waiting on warmer weather to accomplish this since the fumes aren’t very friendly. My current goal is to get about 1000 points done and painted, which I’m actually pretty close to at this point, just need to finish up the 40 man horde and another unit of 20 or so to get there.

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