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Astral Claws – Painting Progress


Post by Bill

This is a first for me, I’ve never built and painted a land raider. That mostly has to do with not playing lots of 40k over the years, I’m more of a fantasy player, if the posts here weren’t already giving that away. But this is the first one for me. It’s got a few minor details for me left to finish, but most of that’s touch ups, which is why you get this side of the land raider and not the other!

Side Shot of the door

Front Shot

I really like being able to switch between painting sci-fi and fantasy, they require a different approach and help break the monotony of painting the same type of figure over and over. When I lose ambition to finish one, I can swap over to the other, it usually works out pretty well. This army is coming along nicely, and now has a nice center piece for it…although I’ll probably end up doing another one in the future anyways.

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