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Kings of War – Abyssal Dwarves Painting Progress


Post by Bill

I’ve been painting a lot of miniatures lately, not much terrain building, some games of kings of war here and there, and we’re planning to start a campaign soon, so the focus has been, paint stuff, since I have lots of stuff to paint! This is for sure the most of any Fantasy army I’ve ever painted in my life, which feels pretty swell, but also isn’t saying much since I have so many left to paint!

Abyssal Dwarf Mutated Dogs

I haven’t used the Mutated Dogs too many times, but now that they are painted, I don’t think I’ll have the choice. I have a habit of building my army lists around what I have painted, which usually means I have really poor army setups, but hey, at least it’s painted and looks neat on the table!

Abyssal Dwarf Halfbreed Champion

I used this champion in the last game, he was as much of a champion as his name describes, He’ll for sure be put into my army lists from now on!

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