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Kings of War Campaign – Winter of 739 – Turn 0


Post by Bill

So we’ve decided to give a Kings of War campaign a go, our first planned date is coming up this weekend and I’m pretty pumped to lay waste across this campaign with my Abyssal Dwarves.  I’ll be posting each turn with it’s results here as we go, so to start, this is the Turn 0 post.  The back story is simple, the Orcs hate the cold and have pried their way out of hiding, complaining that it’s “really cold out here, we should probably go kill stuff”.  The region is well aware of the whiney Orcs and decided to take up arms in defense of their land.

Turn 0 – Starting Locations

Green = Kingdom of Men
Orange = Orcs
Purple = Vacant Ruins
Blue = Abyssal Dwarves
Red = Dwarves

Look for more updates after this weekend!

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