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Weathering Test


Post by Bill

So I attended Adepticon this year and took a class on how to do weathering with pigments.  I learned a lot in the two hours I spent in that class and finally had a chance last night to try out what I had learned on one of my Imperial Guard Chimera’s.

**Warning Huge Images**  The computer I use for doing all of my blogging decided it was no longer going to turn on, so I don’t have my normal methods to dealing with images easily, so you get the full res ones!

This side has no weathering

Mud on the side of the tank

I used two different colors on the side of the tank to create that look, so far I’m pretty pleased with how that turned out.

Tank tracks with a bit of metal and mud on it

I’m not totally sold on the metallic one, but in this case, I painted the tracks black and used that over the top.  I might try some alternate painting methods before using that to see if I can get a different look, but having the mud sink into the tracks is way neat.  This is my test tank, so I’m going to try a few more things on it in terms of weathering, and I haven’t figured out how I’m going to do some of the darker colors or if I’ll do some washes on this tank, but I’m still undecided.

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