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Kings of War Campaign – Fall of 740 – Turn 3


Post by Bill

The Map didn’t change much…

The Kingdom of Men chose to march both of their armies to lay siege to the Dwarves Keep at C3, however, it wasn’t before Mr Driller’s Army was able to rest up and ready for the attack. The siege by the humans was hard fought and the dwarves made a valid attempt to hold out, but it wasn’t meant to be. The Kingdom of Men were victorious in overthrowing the dwarves. Which brings this short campaign to the a quick end.

In hind sight, we all decided we would have done stuff differently, but it was a great taste of what Mantic has to offer in terms of campaigns and sieges. I’m really happy we were able to do this, and even happier that we’re going to start another campaign up right away this weekend! Sieges have a few things we might tweak, like making it be fought on an 8×4 board rather than 6×4 due to some crazy easy options to get on the walls with flyers. But these are little tweaks, overall the rules as stated work well and it’s truly refreshing to play something like this.

More to come, and I’ll try to take more than just map picture this time around.

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