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Kings of War Campaign – Spring of 740 – Turn 1


Post by Bill

The Map after Turn 1

The Kingdom of Men’s General’s Army marched on B3 and attacked the Dwarves King’s Army resulting in the Dwarves successfully defending their town and forcing the Kingdom of Men to retreat back to their Keep at B1.

The Abyssal Dwarves and the Dwarves created an unholy temporary alliance as they both marched on D3.  This resulted in a Dwarven victory over the Orcs town with the Abyssal Dwarves retreating after helping out and dwarves claiming the town at D3.

Many armies opted to defend this turn, assuming they would be attacked

This is the first time we’ve used the Kings of War ruleset with a campaign, they included one, which is super handy.  We’ve modified a few things, but only so the scale of games wasn’t too large for what we have in terms of armies.  All in all, this is off to a great start.

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One Response to “Kings of War Campaign – Spring of 740 – Turn 1”

  1. Rich says:

    Although the alliance was unholy, Dwarves fighting Dwarves is just absurd. Brothers in arms we were. Filthy stinking Orcs… Whiners too. We crushed them on all fronts. Sadly, the Dwarf army had to start heading back to the keep to resupply. We would have liked to hold the town for another season, but it just wasn’t in the cards. One of the little orc sappers broke free from the pack and got into our supply of ale, breaking most of the barrels. This is a huge problem and largely the reason why we must head home..

    Mr. Driller was a brilliant commander, although sloppy drunk for the entirety of the battle. Some say that the day he drives into battle sober is the day we all die. For this very reason, we always keep plenty of ale on hand. I saw him sober once, he looked like a bloody mess. Walked out of his tent without pants on, took him half a day of battle drills and boot to the nether bits before he realized. Fortunately, only a few of us were around to see it. We keep this tale quiet as to not shake the confidence of the troops.