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Kings of War Campaign – Spring of 741 – Turn 0


Post by Bill

After a bitter winter, the factions once warring had returned home and in some cases relocated as part of the fallout of the battles that took place the previous year.  But stirring over a great need has the orc restless for a sandwich and have sworn that the battles last year were not lost on them and they vowed to ensure that all other races would serve them a Sandwich by spring of 741!  Thus the great sandwich wars had begun.

Lines have been redrawn and armies refreshed and relocated.

Starting Locations:

Campaign #2 Starting Locations

Green = Abandoned Ruins
Orange = Abyssal Dwarves
Purple = Kingdom of Men
Blue = Dwarves
Red = Orcs + Goblins

We opted to continue a few seasons later and start anew, this time with a 4th actual player.  We got through 2.5 turns and more turn reports will be up over the course of this week.

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