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Kings of War Campaign – Summer of 740 – Turn 2


Post by Bill

The Map after Turn 2

The Kingdom of Men’s Knightly Retinue marched ont he Dwarves at their town B3 and the Abyssal Dwarves had the same idea.  (I’m playing both of those armies, and totally made those two moves not realizing what I was doing….)  As it resolved, I opted to pull one out of the fight and had the Abyssal Dwarves Legion retreat.  The Dwarves and the Kingdom of Men duked it out and it resulted in victory for the Kingdom of Men, the dwarves town fell at B3.

The Orc Winger army moved on the Abyssal Dwarf town at D5, where only a lowly garrison was located.  The garrison put up a good fight, but it was not an even match by any stretch.  The town was captured by the Orcs and what remained of the garrison retreated back to their keep at D6.

Orc’s Krudgers army, which suffered defeat in spring took a rest this turn.


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4 Responses to “Kings of War Campaign – Summer of 740 – Turn 2”

  1. brian says:

    The orc krudger’s army took its town at D3 back on turn 2. They rested the previous turn.

  2. Rich says:

    Knightly cur! The noble Dwarves march forward to cleanse this land of the vile Orc Horde and what do the Humans do? Attack our backside while we take on the real threat. Easy to take on a town of Dwarves when they are unaware and completely drunk on ale. Next time these cowards meet us on the battlefield we will be ready and will have our pants up around our waists.

  3. brian says:

    Orcs resent the stereotypes and assumptions made about us. If you look at the orders from the beginning turns, we were minding our own business, probably farming gores and various fungi, then the whole world attacks us. Just because we have a different religion, poor hygiene and different colored skin, doesn’t make us the bad guys.

    Abyssal dwarves are the real bad guys, look at those stupid hats.

  4. Rich says:

    OH, says the force that set up shop on the EDGE OF THE MAP. Looks like an evil invasion to me. Clearly you are not aware of the backstory that clearly explains why you guys are green jerks:

    “The back story is simple, the Orcs hate the cold and have pried their way out of hiding, complaining that it’s “really cold out here, we should probably go kill stuff”. The region is well aware of the whiney Orcs and decided to take up arms in defense of their land.”

    There is no debate however on the fact that my evil Dwarven brethren wear really stupid hats. They look like tools. We still have respect for them despite their terrible fashion sense.