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Abyssal Dwarves – Slave Orcs Regiment WIP


Post by Bill

Finally finished this unit to the point of being ready to dip and base.  This creates the largest amount of painted fantasy army I’ve ever had, it’s pretty great, even though, after all this dipping, I still feel like that’s “Cheating” when I paint this way.  I realize it’s not, but that’s still how it appears to me, but when I look at the army I painted, that feeling goes away pretty quickly!

Slave Orcs with their Demon Dogs and Slave Drivers

All ready for dipping and basing

I’ll be heading to Gencon next week and I’m looking forward to playing tons of games, sitting in the auction for a bit and having a great time.  While I’m there, I’m hoping the recent images from Mantic mean there’s some new Gargoyles for the abyssal dwarves available for purchase, I’d like to have some in my army for sure.

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