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Brushfire – Jacques of Martinique Review


Post by Bill

I attended Adepticon earlier this year and in the swag bag was a couple of miniatures, Jacques of Martinique was one of them.  He belongs to a game called Brushfire from On The Lamb Games.  I’ve never played this game and wasn’t aware of the games existence until this figure was dropped into a swag bag at this years convention.

Package with card and figure

The figure comes with it’s own stat card, which seems like a great way to release a game these days, ala Warmachine and Malifaux.  The miniature scale seems to be 30mm and fitting at that, he’s a large mouse with a sword and shield.

All bits cast in white metal

Jacques built

This model is well sculpted and went together really easily.  There was minimal flashing from the molds and the flashing that was there was in easy to clean locations (like on the flat surface of the shoulder pad)  The only problem I had was with the tail being a small point to attach on the back side, but that goes without saying for plenty of miniatures.  After reading about Brushfire some, I can say for sure that I like the miniatures more than the bit of info I gathered on the game itself.  I can definitely see using the miniatures for Song of Blades and Heroes or Mordheim, but I’m not much for Mice, I prefer the rats if you will.  If you want to see a painted version, check this out.  I think these guys put together a handful of really nice miniatuares, and should the need arise for some sort of Mouse / rodent fantasy faction, I could see using this line of mini’s for sure.

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