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Mantic Ogre Army – Grokagamok Review (and a need to learn how to sculpt!)


Post by Bill

While at Gen Con this year, I picked up some ogres, one of which is Grokagamok, an Ogre Captain. This miniature is a resin-plastic hybrid and comes with a 40mm square base.

Blister pack with parts and base

All the parts and a WTF leg?!?

I’ve built some of the other resin plastic models from Mantic and had great casting results from them with no more than mould lines being on all of the pieces.  This blister was a bit different, the whole model was cast just fine with the exception of his left leg (right side of the picture above).  He looks like he had a bad fall and a broken leg, or the caster in this case made a huge mistake.

All built, I could be a plastic surgeon if it involved green stuff….maybe….

Fortunately, it was just bent and solidified in that bent state. Hot water did not work like it tends to on pure resin so I resorted to cutting the leg off and re-attaching it with green stuff as filler.  I’ve used green stuff for filing gaps and seams on models, but never in such great quantity and in an attempt to fix something like this.

Close up of the fix

Turns out, sculpting fur was something that I thought would be hard, but as I went along, it was fairly easy to match the existing texture and I don’t think I did too bad of a job!  It’s a shame that this model was so crippled by it’s casting, it should have gone together fairly easily.

Second Close up of the fix

Back side of finished model

What I thought would have been an easy quick build and prep for painting ended up lasting an hour while I messed around with fixing one leg.  Fortunately, this is not consistent with other sets of Ogres that I picked up, this seems to be an anomaly.  At a minimum, quality control at Mantic should pick up a lesson from this, especially when it comes to solo figures at the $15 range.  Also, I feel like an idiot not inspecting the blister closer before purchasing, I’m sure I could have remedied this on the spot since I bought it at the Mantic booth at Gen Con.  So we’re both dumb, there, I said it.

All in all, this miniature will make a fine leader in this army and I’m eager to build more of the Ogres army from Mantic, but the quality of the casting will no doubt remain in the back of my mind.

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