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Space Hulk

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

When I started miniature gaming, Space Hulk had been out for a little while and never really caught my interest.  Fast forward a bunch of years, the game is out of production, and I’m attending one of my first Gen Con’s in Indy, and I happened to catch a glimpse of a custom space hulk game going on (this was prior to me bringing a camera along with me to Gen Con unfortunately) and after seeing that, I was hooked.  I’ve always wanted to get a copy of the game to see if it was worth it or not, enough so to build an elaborate, single purpose board for a game like Space Hulk.  When GW announced it was releasing a new version of Space Hulk, I was pretty excited, I had spent quite a bit of time bidding on various half filled copies of the older versions, so this, to me, was an easy button.

Large Custom Space Hulk game courtesy of Kung_Fu_Fighter on

I have, as of going to Adepticon this year, now played through 5-6 missions or so both as the marines and the gene-stealers.  In each instance, they have been close games, giving tension to both sides in the decisions they are making.  Having played this only a few times, it was easy to see what draws people back to this game.  It follows 40k fluff but not the typical rule set we’re all familiar with, it’s a very simple system that involves very few stats/numbers, allowing for the game to be thought through and forcing both sides to make decisions while not entirely sure of the outcome.  The fact that it does deviate from the familiar rules known in 40k and Fantasy is not an issue, it’s refreshing to know that GW can produce quick playing, non-vague rules that are easy to use.  A couple of the games we have also divided the marines into 2 groups, allowing an extra player and brain does seem to add a little bit more difficulty for the gene-stealer player as 2 people working together is a pretty good advantage.

Knowing what I do know, I’m still on the fence as to weather or not I’d like to create a custom board and scenario(s) for this game unless I could somehow scale it to more than 3 players, Ideally 4-5 would be a good number for our group, so for now, this will be something on the back of my mind, and if opportunity presents itself, I could see making some rather grand sized board to play this game on.


**A couple of pictures of one round of Space Hulk during Adepticon 2011!

Hiatus Over

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Cause I said so!

It’s been a busy few months, gaming has taken place, painting has taken place, terrain has taken place.  Posting here, has not taken place at all, this will be rectified ASAP!

Post about Sartosa bridges incoming!

Wings of War

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Wings of War is an airplane dog fighting game that I had a chance to play a demo of at Gen Con 2009 over the last weekend.  This game piqued my interest more so than most of the others that I was able to try out this year at the convention.  The game is simple in that each plane gets a movement deck and each plan has the ability to make 3 maneuvers per round.  After each of these moves there is an opportunity to shoot at planes that are in range, rinse and repeat until planes crash.

Shooting Backwards is neat

Shooting Backwards is neat

We were lucky enough to have two gentlemen who were familiar with the game teach us since the guy who was demoing this game was no where to be found until about halfway through the game.  The game was simple enough that it didn’t really matter.  The movement mechanic of the game is pretty neat because each of the bases of the planes has an arrow, you start by taking your move card, placing it in front of the plane, and then lining up the plane’s arrow with the one on the card.

This allowed for fairly fluid movement of the planes and for a quick game play as each person did their move simultaneously.  Once you moved you could shoot, the plan that I used had a rear gunner who was far better than the pilot at shooting.  Each time you shoot your opponent draws a damage card from an appropriate deck.  Ex. My front gunner was a B and my rear gunner was an A.  If the rear gunner was shooting and was in range, your opponent would draw an A card.  If you happen to be within a short distance, half the shooting ruler, then they would draw two cards.

Getting shot to pieces

Getting shot to pieces

On each of the damage cards there are two things, a number for the amount of damage you take from the shot and possibly an icon. The icons do different things, like prevent you from turning one direction or changing altitude or something like killing the pilot or gunner.

Overall the games mechanics are pretty solid, I’m not sure how well they hold up after playing a bunch, but each plan does have it’s own maneuvers and abilities.  The game has a bunch of scenarios to play through but I can’t imagine those being fun for a very long time as they are static circumstances.

One of my major complaints and probably the main reason for not getting a copy of this game is that the box version of the basic game comes with NO PLANES!  The game is card based, completely, and not real sized cards, mini sized cards…..

So I thought, Hmm…how much could they possibly charge for the mini planes, $13 for the small fighters all the way up to $16 for the larger ones.  Did I mention the game itself is $35?  It just seems funny to me that this is how they decided to market this game, which is a bit frustrating to me since I really liked the demo.  This is one of those games that I’m going to put on my list of…if I see it cheap enough, I’d buy it, but until then…….oh well……..