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Gen Con 2013 Pictures

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

I made the trip with a group of friends down to Indianapolis, Indiana again this year, many games were played, lots of games were looked at, and a fun time was had for sure. I recently got a new camera, which is a massive upgrade from my phone / old camera and am pleasantly surprised with how things turned out.

Mantic had a good showing and it looks like they’ll be having a Mars Attacks kickstarter in October, creating a game that’s skirmish based with 28mm miniatures in the Mars Attacks universe, consider me pumped for this one.  Cool Mini or Not had some amazingly painted miniatures and terrain displays (some of which are pictured below).  Games Workshop and Forgeworld where in full attendance this year, which is both strange and exciting.  I’m really hoping they take the opportunity to realized they’ve spawned numerous worthy competitors and they are here to stay now.  That said, they offered free shipping on orders at the con, good on them for not going there and just parading their inflated prices. (/rant)

As usual I spent time in the auction area and enjoyed my time there, I find it pretty exciting to be both knowledgeable about certain things and able to intelligently bid on items.  Ebay just lets me slowly figure out if it’s a good idea, there, I have to be on my game because things fly by quickly.  I picked up a game I never got to have, but got to play with a friend when I was young called Battle Masters by Milton Bradley.  At a minimum, it’ll be a fun game to setup and play here and there, at most it will be something that I can use the figures from as NPC armies / allied units for games.  The miniatures are all old and not so good plastic, but detailed enough to work just fine for my purposes.  I also managed to pick up 18 squats in great condition.  I finally have enough, after the last few years, to be able to create a small force of them, I’m thinking of using them in Deadzone when that game ships or in anything else Sci-fi that I can think of.

Since we’ve been playing a lot of Kings of War lately so I decided I’d like to diversify some of my forces and picked up a small ogre army and the new Kigns and Legends book from Mantic.  There will be more posts in the future about this army for sure.

Overall, it was a good trip and while I’m exhausted from the cold I had through out the trip, I look forward to the next convention, even if it’s all the way in 2014!

Finding More DIY Terrain on Social Media

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

I’ve been embracing a few of the social networks out there, so if you’re interested in or are using these services, you can find more of DIY Terrain on the following sites.  I don’t always post stuff here or there, but I’m intending to take advantage of social sites going forward, I’m not going to lie, but right now, when I post to this site, it simply reposts to the sites below.  If you’d rather consume stuff on any of those sites, I completely understand that and that’s kinda why I’m doing this.  If you’d rather come here, than do that, you won’t be missing out on anything!

In addition to this, I’ve been looking at one aspect of this hobby, and that’s procuring miniatures, paints, based, etc.  So from time to time, I do these things and I am going to start reviewing things, or at least telling it how I see it.  I don’t know if everyone will find this stuff interesting, but at the very least I can put some information out for people to digest before making that next purchase.  Far too often I read other sites and all I get is “Holy crap this is new and from GW, so it’s gotta be great!”  While that’s an exaggeration, I figured I’d offer up my opinion on these things cause this is the internet and that’s what it’s here for…I think…

RSS is Broke in Firefox

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Should still work in Safari, but I’m not sure what the problem is and I’m looking into it.