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End of the year + Deadzone!

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Sorry for not posting in awhile or doing much of anything hobby related, but this place becomes a ghost town when I’m not gaming.  I’ve been able to do a little bit of of work on getting Deadzone stuff prepped for us to play in the near future.  Also, I’m pretty excited to try out the next version of Kings of War now that the kickstarter finished up.  I also have been working on a better way to take photo’s and post them here, but I’ve yet to post anything here yet, hopefully the next batch of images will look even more sharp than before.  With that said, until next year!  Here’s some pictures of things I’ve been working on.

Deadzone_Mauraders_painted_1 Deadzone_Mauraders_painted_2 Deadzone_Mauraders_painted_3 Deadzone_Mauraders_painted_4 Deadzone_Mercenaries Deadzone_terrain_1 Deadzone_papermat_on_hardboard Deadzone_terrain_2 Deadzone_terrain_3

Let’s Make! A Dwarven Mine

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

So it’s been some time, but I’ve finally got around to building a new piece of terrain.  I’m pretty sure it’s been years since I last built something, which is no good at all.  It felt good to get something built and done in one sitting as well.  That said, here’s a video of me working on the mine!

Here’s some high res images of the completed mine!

dwarven_mine_2 dwarven_mine_3 dwarven_mine_1

Imperial Guard Bastion Review

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

In previous posts I’ve been painting up a bunch of characters for a Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Formation, this was one of the pieces that I was missing that goes along with it.  These terrain kits are pretty detailed compared to the 90’s cardboard terrain from GW.


These sprues had some varying quality, the ones with the large pieces on them had little to now mould lines, which is quite a feat.  It’s not often you see sprues of that quality included in plastic model kits from gaming companies.  The sprues with smaller pieces, like the communication tower and lascannon emplacement had more significant mould lines than the others, but no worse than any other company making plastic model kits currently.

Wall sections for the tower

Floors, doors, and Communication Tower bits

Lascannon Emplacement bits

Cleaning and building all of this took me about two and half hours total and the majority of the parts fit well together.  The base of the tower was a bit tricky to get square, but the rest went together easily enough.

Base of the Bastion and top of the tower bits (1 pictured, but two included)

Finished Bastion

The two bonus pieces are a real nice addition to just the tower itself, they certainly make good use of the extra sprue space on this kit.  The detail on the bastion itself is pretty good, but far better on the lascannon emplacement and communication tower.

Communication Tower

Lascannon Emplacement


  • Nice detailed model pieces
  • Inconsistent mould lines
  • Bonus pieces are a great addon
  • Less skulls than most other GW terrain kits I’ve seen and built


  • Price is a bit steep for what you get
  • Inconsistent mould lines