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Beach Board & Modularity of play surfaces

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Here is the first example of where we are going to start moving towards with our terrain surfaces. This is only the first example, and our test piece if you will, that just so happens to include a beach!

Completed Beach Board

Completed Beach Board

The beach board is made out of 3/4″ polystyrene, base coated brown, flocked with our green/brown flock mix and the beach was painted with a tan color.  The foam was cut at an angle with a hot wire cutter and then roughly sanded with a course sand paper.  There is a chance I might put some sand down on this piece along the beach, but I’m not sure since the sanded/painted effect turned out nicely.

Along this same note, we are planning on making a desert board, we have a bit of desert terrain and are looking to make some more terrain to go along with that in the future, but this leads me to my next point.  We are planning on making all of our boards into 2ft x 4 ft sections, this will allow us a lot more flexibility with how we set up our boards.  We will be making “transition” boards over the next few months, ex green to static grass, snow to static grass, etc.  This will allow us to mix and match the boards and from there be able to mix and match the terrain that was built for a specific themed board.  Think of it as more options, and the more options we have, the better.  There will be more on this subject in the future for sure.

Mordheim Campaign Update and Future Campaign Possibilities

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Over the past few months we have been getting together roughly every other week and playing through a Mordheim campaign, Empire in Flames. The campaign has gone well for some, fine for others, and I suck at Mordheim.  We’ve come to a couple of conclusions and observations about mordheim and they will be described here in no particular order.  Beastmen start off with better stats and are a super tough warband to compete with over the length of a campaign.  On the same note, Carnival of Chaos is also in that boat which makes both of them end up on my shit list.

Overhead View of our Terrain setup for a 4 player game

Overhead View of our Terrain setup for a 4-player game

It’s not that I don’t want to play people who play that warband, but in all honesty, when you have a significant portion of both of those warbands end up with Toughness 6, it becomes a virtual impossibility for non-beastmen and non-chaos warbands to even come close to damaging those units, this is where the rub comes in.

Griping aside, we spent a good portion of this campaign trying to decide what makes the most sense in terms of making shields worth using, as it stands, they are not worth the points in any stretch of the imagination.  We are still debating this one, we’ll figure something out.

Another Overhead shot of our Terrain Layout

Another Overhead shot of our Terrain Layout

We have also been talking about “the next campaign” as we have some ideas for rotating between Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  We have also been talking a bit about switching to a different fantasy and sci-fi.  You’ve seen some info about 5150, in a previous write-up and I’ve recently acquired another game from Two Hour Wargames.  This one is called Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures.  I can’t comment much on this game yet as I’ve not read all the rules, but I’m bringing it up to just highlight the fact that we are considering changing games after all this time.

A bit of a mess under the crosswalk

A bit of a mess under the crosswalk

The hardest part about looking for a new game has been trying to retain the things we do like about the games we are considering leaving.  We have always wanted a campaign that has some form of progression that allows for each person to grow a warband or gang.  I hope that this game may fill our requirements, but as of yet, I don’t know.  Expect a write up once I’ve gotten a play through and a better grasp of the rules.

All in all, our last day for this campaign is drawing near and we are have a couple of options, one of them is to continue on with another mordheim campaign setting called Sartosa.  It really seems to fit in with some of the style and theme we are looking for, and it involves pirates. We have also been building some terrain to play on that is appropriate as well, so this could be the jolt that we need in mordheim to keep it going!

A Mess.

Shot's over the bridge

A Mess.

A Mess.

The Static Grass Board

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Albeit an awkward name, it effectively identifies it for our gaming group.  This board started out with the intention of being a scorched earth/alien planet but lets just say that didn’t work out and we moved onto phase two.  See, we had already flocked the board weren’t about to go out and purchase another sheet of polystyrene (pink insulation foam).  So, knowing that the glue we used to hold the flock down was water soluble we decided to remove the flock by hand….

Static Grass Board

A messy process...

Static Grass Board-3

This is what happens when you remove flock by hand...

The reason I’m posting this is to simply suggest that you don’t try it, either start over with a new board or just don’t do it….it’s probably not worth the effort.  That being said, here’s what it turned into after repainting the black base coat and flocking with static grass.

Static Grass Board-4

Static Grass Board Complete #1

The whole board was completely covered in glue and then the static grass was applied en mas.  When we applied this, we only let the grass sit on top of it for a minute or two and then knocked the majority of it off and then reapplied it again.  This time we let it sit for a few minutes and knocked as much of it off as possible.

Static Grass Board-5

Static Grass Board Complete #2

Now we took a few handfuls of brown flock and grey flock and scattered them across the still wet board to give it a bit of color change.