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Adepticon Titanicus

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

One of the events I watched at Adepticon 2015 was called Adepticon Titanicus. A game with titans fighting titans on a massive scale, it was truly a sight to behold so I hastily shot some video and put this together.

40k Tournament of the Champions: An Imperial Knight Joust!

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

So we had a big Imperial Knight Tournament, which was a custom 40k ruleset that created one of the most fun 40k Events I’ve ever been involved in.  The rules were fairly solid and I’m excited to do this again someday in the future.  I took as many pictures as I could, towards the end of the gallery, there was a Grand Melee witch was an almost standard game of 7th ed with 4 Imperial Knights per side.

Games Workshop Astra Militarum Hydra/Wyvern Review

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


So with all of the new IG stuff, I was kinda glad there was a new kit for another tank!  Most people seem to think that there wasn’t a need for a new tank and I can agree on the basis that there should always be more infantry in an IG army than tanks.  But really, new tanks are neat too!

Sprue #1

This kit happens to be a hybrid chimera kit like many other IG tanks, so that means sprue #2 was a very familiar sight! and sprue #1 was full of all sorts of new parts.  The new parts allow for both a Hydra and a Wyvern kit, which means there isn’t a need for the pricey Forgeworld kit that I had be pondering picking up over the years.  I’m glad I hadn’t and they opted for a nice plastic kit.

Sprue #2

As with other kits I’ve reviewed recently, there is a method for making this kit be magnetized, but on the surface seemed like way more work than it was worth so I opted to just make the wyvern option.  To be fair, I bought two of these kits, so I’ll likely end up with one of each when I’m done building all of this new IG stuff.

Standard IG transfer sheet and Instructions

As with the other kits recently, it’s worth noting that the instructions are handy for seeing where parts go, which was helpful in figuring out if I could magnetize this kit to be both the Hydra and Wyvern.  This kit was simple to start up for me, having built plenty of chimera based kits, but the new turret on the back side was a little tricky.  Mainly to get the gunner up into his shoulder mounts in the back of the tank.

Finished Front

The back platform has more railings on it as well, I really like these details.  I have a couple of basilisks that have this feature as well, unfortunately, you wouldn’t know it because in spite of my best efforts and expensive foam packaging, they still break off.  I have a very strong feeling these will not fare any better.  The plastic on these railings is simply too thin, which is understandable considering scale, but I feel like they could have added a top bar and a middle bar to make this both look better AND be a stronger element.

Finished Top

Finished Rear

I do like the look of this tank and can’t wait to get it painted up in camo along with the rest of my IG (I know it’s AM now, just doesn’t sound right or look right, sorry).  The prices on these kits seem to creep up, but they still to make a nice tank kit for sure.