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Games Workshop Astra Militarum Officio Prefectus Commissar Review

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Plastic Blister

So I have to be honest, I haven’t really bought any of the solo miniatures from Games Workshop in years due to their pricing structure and value.  I’ve been playing enough 40k lately, however, to make some of these worthwhile to me.  I have a handful of Commissar’s already, but I figured I’d pick up another since I like to run large platoons of infantry when I play 40k.  My approach has always been numbers over small super powerful units.

Back of blister, easy to see what’s included

The new blister packages that they have are nice since none of the parts are floating and you can make out everything included on the model itself. This model was simple and really had only one option, either Plasma Pistol or Bolt Pistol.  I opted for a Plasma Pistol, cause why not?

Sprue and base

The sprue quality on these models is far better than their larger counterparts like tanks sized sprues.  This model easily has some of the highest quality plastic bits I’ve seen in a long time on a model.  Each piece was rather easy to cut and clean and put together.


The only thing that bugs me on this whole model is the oversized hats, I’ve had plenty of IG models over the years, their hats have been progressively getting larger over the years.  I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m leaning negative.  It’s weird, but normally I have an opinion one way or the other on models and am not stuck in the middle on something.


As mentioned at the start, my biggest gripe is cost of this miniature, it’s far higher than other models in it’s size/category but is up towards the top in terms of quality.  I’m not sure where it exactly lands in the grand scale of bad to awesome, but it’s certainly not at the bottom.  Overall I can’t recommend this one based on price, but it certainly isn’t a bad model either, so I’m kinda ‘meh’ overall on this one.  Either way, this commissar will for sure be doing his far share of executing insubordinate guardsmen in the near future.

Games Workshop Militarum Tempestus Taurox Review

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014


So along with the Tempestus Scions that I got I decided to add one of the new transports.  I was not immediately sold on the model itself given it’s shape and composition compared to other tanks and transports that GW makes.

Instructions and Transfer Sheet

Again, the instructions included were a great addition in the kit and are a great addition to all of GW’s kits, makes them super accessible to a builder (and lets me plan thing out better before i just start assembling things!).  Given that this was a Militarum Tempestus release and it coincides with the follow up releases of Astra Militarum, I was kinda bummed they didn’t get the transfer sheet treatment that the Imperial Knight did.  Instead it was just a standard Imperial Guard Tank transfer sheet.

Sprue #1

Even though there was a basic IG transfer sheet included, they did include a couple of plastic iconography to use on the sprues, which I think is a pretty OK alternative.  I guess I’m thinking, why not both in this case!

Sprue #2

Both sprues are well put together for this kit and packed with enough weapon options to fit all the codex options for a Taurox or Taurox Prime, which is pretty swell.  In the past, some tanks have had Forgeworld only options, but not this one.  It’s nice to be able to have all options present in a large kit like this.

All finished with Missiles!

Since there was a lot of options present, I couldn’t totally make up my mind as to how I wanted to build this model, so I went with Missiles! (what could go wrong with missiles?)

Without Missiles

One of my biggest concerns with the kit was that the treads would look giant compared to the models overall stature, and they do.  While it’s not as bad as the pictures would lead you to believe, it’s still not great in my opinion.  I’ve seen a couple of sets of conversion wheels / kits and I’m excited to see how those progress and possibly make an attempt on one at some point.

With Missiles from different angle

I would say, overall, this kit was pretty enjoyable to put together.  Parts fit very well and only in one instance did i run into an issue where the sprue ended and the part started was awful close and clipping created an tough spot to not destroy the detail (headlights).  I don’t know that I will use a whole lot of these transports in my army, but I will have a couple of them like I do most tanks.

Games Workshop Militarum Tempestus Scions Review

Friday, April 25th, 2014


So GW finally got around to updating Imperial Guard and while they did it, they added a smaller faction called Militarum Tempestus.  I’ve been waiting on a new Codex and other bits to come out for Imperial Guard for quote some time and I’ve had funds set aside for just such an event.  This is part of it, I also picked up some new Astra Militarum figures as well and I’ll do some reviews of that stuff as I get around to building those kits.

Instruction Manual and Bases

I have a decent selection of the previous metal Kasrkin models that I intend to use along side of these new Scions as a detachment of my IG armies.  But onto this kit!  This kit comes in with 5 miniatures worth of parts, you can build all sorts of different models, but ultimately there’s only 5 sets of legs and 5 sets of torso’s.  The kit is a multikit in the respect that it can build platoon command squads or regular troops with hotshot lasguns.

Sprue #1

Each sprue was packed with options, it was nice to be able to pick from two different styles of heads.  Both looked pretty good, but I stuck with almost all respirator heads on the ones I built with the exception of the Scions, I figured they are badass enough guys to not need respirators.  I figured since I’d be fielding both Tempestors and Kasrkins (since I recently painted some of them up too!) that they should sort of match…in an odd post-apocalyptic way.

Sprue #2

The instructions that are included are pretty impressive, GW is almost at the point of having instructions akin to how Lego produces their instruction manuals.  This is a good thing considering the arms and gun are tied together by number and shape, meaning each gun needs two specific gun arm bits, they are not mix and match at this point.  As someone who can’t sit and plow through a model kit in one sitting due to time restrictions, it’s nice to have a place to leave a reminder as to where the heck I left off versus a box full of bits.

Meltagun and Tempestor Prime

I do like that this kit can build all sorts of different variations, I mean building all the various special weapons options, Scion options, and a Tempestor Prime model is super nice.  One of my main gripes is that only 5 of them come in a box.  While I’m fine with that in a platoon command sense, I’m not when I’m trying to fill out rank and file.

Captain and Flamer

I decided to magnetize the weapon options on the Scions for my units so that I can choose between chainsword, powerfist, or power sword.  The Scions were easy to magnetize, but the special weapons options had the 3 piece arm configuration that makes it more difficult than it was worth in my opinion.

Captain with Powerfist and Plasma Gun

Militarum Tempestus Platoon

Overall the kit is pretty nice and I’m happy with the way all these models turned out.  If I could change a few things, I’d make the price $40 for 10 models instead of $35 for 5 models, but I don’t think I’m going to convince GW of that anytime soon.  They do deserve praise for including great instructions and numbering to match up directly on the sprues.  They have come a very long way from mono-pose plastics from the 90’s for sure. One of the things that bugs me is that because you really only need a single Tempestor Prime, each kit having all the parts to create one seems a little wasteful in terms of space/plastic.  There could be additional heads / special weapons configs  / etc if that were a stand alone model.  Coming soon will be a review of the Taurox!