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Updated Kings of War Magic Item Card Supplement


Post by Bill

After going through and looking things over, we found a few typos, whoops!  Here’s a fixed version.

Version 101 – PDF on Dropbox

Kings of War Abyssal Dwarves Updated Photo Gallery


Post by Bill

So since I was in the studio to take pictures of the Ogres, I figured it was a good time to take some nice shots of the additional Abyssal Dwarves I have painted, which was more than I thought!

Kings of War Ogre Army, painted, finished, PHOTOS!


Post by Bill

So I had a chance to take some nice high res photos in the studio.  I’m super happy with how they this army turned out, and even more happy with the fact that I painted an entire army.  I’ve been taking a break from painting and building some new miniatures for now, but my next goal is to finish the Abyssal Dwarves.  I also have some updated photo’s of them coming too.  Enjoy!