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The Bar: Part 2

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

The bar, now done, WITH DETAILS!
The bar has been a perfect scenario piece and is now complete. I ended up trying some techniques that I’ve not done before.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results as you’ll see further down.  This article could also be called “Craft Sticks”, as I used many of them to make the windows and porch step details.

Floor installed and some details started on the outside windows

inside window details and door details

Another shot of the detail work for the windows

Finished paint job

Paint job on the inside

Painted Floor with the wash on it

One of the big differences on this piece revolve around the flock, I strayed from my normal woodland scenics route and and used sand.  Sand as in I bought a 20 pound bag of it for $3 and use that instead.  Now, some drawbacks of this are related to using sand, but I think the effect outweighs the drawbacks.


  • Cheap
  • Painted to suite need
  • Comes in large quantities


  • Weight
  • Has to be painted

The process is much the same as flocking, glue + sand on the areas you want.  The catch is, that I used 4 different shades of brown starting at a dark chocolate brown and moving up to a tan color at the end.  I used less and less each time I applied a color to get the effect below.

Sand + Paint = nice looking flock IMO

Added grass over the flock

Small deck plus flock detail

So far the bar has offered a great place to use for bar scenarios.  In the future I hope to get my hands on a set of furniture to use inside, when I do, I’ll be sure to post about it here.  Also, the more and more I do pieces with bases, I realize that foamcore needs to go for bases, at some point I’m going to make the jump to MDF/HDF boards for bases just for the sake of durability.  More to come on this.

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The Bar: Part 1

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

For the Sartosa Campaign that I’m running with our group, one of the group scenarios that I wanted to do is to have a bar brawl ending with the Imperial Police coming in and arresting everyone. This is the Bar that was created for this, sorry I didn’t take pictures earlier on in the construction, it kind of starts a third of the way through.

Roughly built bar

Roughly built bar

The rough dimensions of the bar are 2″ high doors, 2 3/4″ high walls, base is 14″ x 18″ and the bar is roughly 12″ x 16″ inside.

another angle showing the side entrances

Another angle showing the side entrances

Creating the Front Step

Creating the Front Step

Coffee stir sticks where cut and used for these details as well as the others that will be shown later.

Balsa was used for the floor and cut to shape

Balsa was used for the floor and cut to shape

The balsa was in 4″ wide strips and I cut 4 of them to 16″ and then notched the corners on two of them to make room for the Posts in the corner.

installing the floor after drawing the planks

Installing the floor after drawing the planks

Finished Floor completely installed

Finished Floor completely installed

The floor was installed using liquid nails, and a good chunk of the construction was done using this as well.  All of the planks were drawn with a ruler and pencil.

More Detailing done on around the doors

More Detailing done on around the doors

The next article will show some more of the building details, painting and finishing this piece.

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