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Kings of War Campaign – Winter of 741 – Turn 3

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Round 3

Orcs marched on C5 to attack the Abyssal Dwarves, only to meet up with two of their Armies.  Upon seeing a massive force, they opted to retreat back to C4.  Orc Garisson relocated to B3 and the other army rested there.  Dwarves garrison held at E2.  The Dwarves marched on D3 to take back the town they lost earlier in the year while the Kingdom of Men tried to maintain control.  Here’s the results:

The Dwarves ended up winning their town back and have maintained control of their territory because of it. The Abyssal dwarves garrison stayed put, the Dwarves held at E2 and Kingdom of Men marched to their own town at A4.

Kings of War Campaign – Fall of 741 – Turn 2

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Round 2

The Abyssal Dwarves were able to rest at their keep and at C5. The Orcs rested at C4, the Dwaves at E2. While things were quiet for some of the armies, the Kingdom of Men took it upon themselves to march on D3 and fight the Orcs. This battle started between the Orcs and Kingdom of Men while watching the Dwarves marching on D3 to take back their town. This lead to the Dwarves marching in later in the game from the battles flank. After the dust settled, the Kingdom of Men ended up taking E3 from the Orcs and it pushed the Dwarves back into a defensive position in their own territory.
The other dwarves moved to reinforce the keep expecting an incoming siege at E2. The other forces from the Kingdom of Men held at D4. The Abyssal Dwarves held at D5 and the Orcs held at D3.

With any luck, there will be a video battle report that goes along with Turn 3!

Kings of War Campaign – Summer of 741 – Turn 1

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Turn 1

The Kingdom of Men opted to hunker down on Turn 1 in both of their cities at A4 and B4.  The Orcs held a Garrison at C4.  The Dwarves, thinking they would be attacked, opted to hold at D3 and E3, and they were right.  The orcs marched on D3 to attack the standing army there.  The dwarves held out until Turn 5 of this game, but ultimately lost the town at D3 and were forced to retreat.  The dwarves suffered some permanent artillery losses as a result of this battle.

Abyssal Dwarves held their garrison and one army at C3 and D4, but opted to push on the Orcs at C4, only to find an Army and their garrison at the same location.  The Abyssal Dwarves suffered massive losses in this battle and had some units permanently reduced as a result.  The Abyssal Dwarves retreated back to their keep.