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Games-Workshop Undead Spirit Host Review

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

So in the upcoming posts here, I’ll be posting my completed Abyssal (angry) Dwarf army, which means I’ll be moving onto a new army!  This review may or may not be an indication of what that army is going to be.

So for a hot minute, GW dropped the most amount of Warhammer Fantasy I’ve every seen in my entire gaming life, in The End Times series of books and miniatures.  Most of it was pretty awesome, and that’s me putting aside the fact that I have a Bretonnian army that has been neglected for an eternity and now seemingly indefinitely.



I have been collecting undead miniatures on and off for various reasons for years, mostly for scenarios and skirmish games like Mordheim, but nothing in the scope of an army.  Well, as I’ve been working through painting all of my Abyssal Dwarves for Kings of War, I decided I’d like to have a proper undead army next and that’s where these spirit hosts come in.



This kit will fill the role of Wights or counts-as werewolves, I’m leaning towards Wights, but haven’t played around with it much yet.  Either way, these kits are a challenge to put together.


40MM Bases

The instructions and sprues are laid out very logically and it was something that I figured, on the surface, would be an easy build.  I was totally wrong.


Sprue #1

Maybe it’s because I’ve lost my touch and been focused on painting and non-hobby things, but these guys kicked my ass.  The instructions clearly show how things fit and where they go, but due to the curvy ethereal nature of things, that totally doesn’t help at all.


Sprue #2

Each one I assembled it was on of those “ah-ha” type moments when you get it to fit right.  Each stand has 3 “spirits” coming out from the base to form a small group.  This effect is pretty nice when you get them all lined up as a group.  One of the things I noticed on these sprues was the lack of options for weapons.   Now I’m not looking for options like hammers and shields, but I was more thinking it was strange they have daggers in their hands.  I’d be fine with a no weapon option and a dagger option, but that wasn’t the case with these kits.   There are no extra bits really aside from a random tombstone.


Sprue #3

Now, I know every kit can’t come with tons of options to allow for 3-4 configurations of figures, but 1 or 2 options would be pretty swell.  I guess we’re spoiled when it comes to GW kits and my expectations are pretty high because of all these years of being spoiled with tons of bits and options in plastic kits.


All 3 Assembled

Overall this kit is nice and will fit nicely into my upcoming Undead army.  The miniatures are great looking and will either be easily painted or a real challenge to make them look great, that part remains to be seen.  The base up nicely but really lack some of the options and configurations that we come to expect from Games-Workshop.  That said, this kit is likely built specifically for The End Times books and army lists and that may be the sole reason why there are no weapon options on this kit.  If you’re looking for some modern ghosts or spirits, these guys are a pretty good fit.

(Don’t tell anyone I will be deploying these guys in Kings of War primarily!)

Gamesday 2011 – Thoughts

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

So Gamesday 2011 was a bit of an experiment for me, I’ve played many GW games over the years, but I’ve never gone to a Gamesday.  When I started going to Gen Con, GW was still attending and very much involved.  At some point about 10 years ago, GW decided to not attend Gen Con, this still strikes me as strange.  Going to Gamesday this year, unfortunately, proved most of my suspicions about GW, they don’t care that there is a whole industry out there that they are part of, they are pretty ignorant of that fact.  I guess I should have expected this to be like a giant GW commercial, and it was, but I think part of me doesn’t want that to be the case.

The time and money, someone has it.

That being said, they do offer some neat opportunities, albeit in short quantities given the number of attendees.  One of the activities was building a piece of 40k scenery.  If you were able to get a chair, you’d be given a clippers, glue, random building bitz, and an hour to build a piece of custom terrain for yourself.  This is a really cool idea, you get to walk away with something you built by simply attending the con, however, for the large group of people there, it was more or less impossible to get on of the 30 or so seats for this session.  They had 2 conversion areas, setup very much the same way, even with that, it was totally packed and impossible to get a seat.

They had a few workshop style areas that were showing how to prepare their terrain, the game board, the hills, the trees, the ruins, etc.  I watched as they conducted one of these, as the line for both areas was rather long, and from my laymen understanding, you should only use GW paints, paint everything, including large terrain with their tiny pots of paint, and thats a cool idea.  Beyond that, there was no bonus to this, it was literally, paint inside the lines, with the color the guy shouted at you.  All of the other areas offered a build it and take it, and paint it and take it, but not this one.  You, for the cool price of $25 admission, got to paint terrain for their stores, this is amazing to me.  I will mention that these may have been raffled or something, but I was unaware of any such thing going on there.

Very good looking, maybe a bit sparse, but good looking Mordheim board

I did do a paint and take, which was pretty interesting, because I really only paint in one place at home, so painting at a large table with none of my usual items was kinda fun.  They handed you a space marine or a goblin and you got to go find a spot and start painting, with pretty much everything you’d need to do it, I really liked this.

There was a showing of all the Specialist games, accept for Necromunda…go figure.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but the fact that there was a Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic, Space Hulk, and even Epic 40k, it’s kind of insulting that they didn’t have a demo running of, in my opinion, their best game to date.

Out of all this, the one thing I was really surprised by the most, was this.

But...I wanted to learn one of your games!

I’ve never played their Lord of the Rings or War of the Ring games that they have to offer.  I was looking forward to learning the ruleset to see what it was all about and if I could use the rules for a Game of Thrones style ruleset.  I stopped over at the 3 Big Games, they had running, fantasy, 40k, and Lord of the Rings respectively.  I was told by the gentlemen running it that to participate, I should know the rules and that there was a demo somewhere around the convention to be had.  I’m going to assume I was blind and didn’t see this, but the picture above tells me otherwise.

Necromunda Display 1

All in all, this is what I’ve come to expect from GW, it’s sad that at this point, I just assume it’s going to be bad.  I spoke to a few people who had attended many Gamesdays, while waiting in the Forgeworld line, that mentioned that this was the only gamesday this year and usually there are multiple in the US.  If this is the only gamesday, it was a pretty poor showing, and I can’t imagine that it lived up to the hopes of the gamesday regulars.

To show you that this isn’t just a rant, I tried to point on many positives, or things that, if scaled up to meet demand, would exceed many peoples expectations and create an environment at this convention that doesn’t create resentment.  If they had a few more tables / areas running this build and take / paint an take options, that would have likely solved the issue many had with being unable to do one of those sessions.  They honestly had the space, there was no lack of space at this convention, that is for sure.  On top of that, support all of your properties, it may do a lot of good and help gain support for these other systems.  If you’re going to run Big games, but no demos of how to play your games, you’re doing it wrong, I can’t emphasize this enough.  The fact that I couldn’t get a demo of one of your 3 main properties is insane.  The open gaming area was great, I didn’t bring an army along, but there were many games there that broke out throughout the day.  The one thing that I thought was missing was a Tournament, what happened to those?  I know GW has changed it’s stance on tournaments, but you’d think that this would be prime opportunity to run a tournament.

In the end, unless gamesday changes how it’s run, I don’t see myself going to one ever again, hopefully they change their policies / activities and create something worth attending.

Necromunda Display 2

Necromunda Display 3

Necromunda Display 4

Large Chaos Display 1

Large Chaos Display 2

Large Chaos Display 3

Large Chaos Display 4

Skaven in the underground 1

Skaven in the underground 2

Chicago Games Day 2011

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

I attended Games Day for the first time, here’s a video of some of the highlights, there will be another post with some high quality stills at some point.